5 of the Most Popular Foods Created from Dough

Most people know that dough is used heavily in the process of creating various food types – but do you know exactly which ones? Unless you happen to be a cook or inclined in the culinary arts you’d probably be hard pressed to name more than one or two foods created from dough.

Here and now, you’re going to find out what the 5 most popular foods created from dough really are – and there might even be a few surprises if you aren’t really familiar with cooking at all!

  • Breads

Without a doubt the most popular food created from dough – bread is essentially wheat and grain based dough that has gone through a leavening process to give it the soft and fluffy texture once it has been baked.

Make no mistake though, ‘breads’ come in various shapes and sizes and hail from all parts of the world including foods such as tortillas, roti, naan, matzah and other flatbreads that are found in various cultures.

  • Pancakes

Although pancakes may appear similar to flatbreads, technically they aren’t – and yet they too are made from dough. One of the big confusions with pancakes is that many people feel that they are made from ‘batter’, which is very similar to dough as well.

  • Noodles

This may be a surprise – but noodles really are made from dough. They may not be ‘bread-like’ at all in appearance, but they are effectively strings of dough that have been boiled into that shape.

  • Pastry

This may be expected but most forms of pastry are created using dough that is shaped in specific forms before being baked, or in some cases fried. This even includes the more fluffy types of pastry such as puff pastry.

If you’ve ever cooked with pastry in the past, this shouldn’t be all that surprising at all.

  • Dumplings

This type of food may not be entirely that popular in Western culture, but in Chinese and Asian cultures it certainly is – which is why dumplings definitely deserve mention as being one of the most popular types of dough-based foods.

Most dumplings contain ingredients wrapped in dough that is then steamed, boiled, friend or even baked to provide the resulting food type.

See how many different foods can be made using dough? It may be hard to believe that a simple mixture of flour, liquid, and grains could result in such amazing diversity from across the globe – but it is true nonetheless.

If you ever master the intricacies of working with dough, imagine what types of foods you’d be able to churn out of your kitchen simply by experimenting with this one unique type of food in its own right!

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