The Happy Baker

You'll go BANANAS for our Banana Bread!!!

        The Happy Baker at Ybor City Saturday Market

An Innocent Trip to the Local Farmer's Market                    Yields a Delicious Harvest


    When a certain husband brought home a 40-lb box of bananas to his wife and said, "Let's use these!" who knew  it would turn into a business? 

      After eating as many as we could, giving some away, freezing some for shakes, and making LOTS of Banana Bread, there were still a whole lot of bananas left in our kitchen.  We even gave some over-ripe ones away with our Banana Bread recipe to friends who wanted to try it. 

     We made some for a couple of neighbors and one of them brought a slice to work the next day.  She came home that evening with quite a story. 

     "You almost got me killed today!" she said in mock anger.  Well, it turns out that her colleagues LOVED the Banana Bread (she was forced to cut her slice into five pieces!) and were clamoring for more. 

     "Does she sell it?" they eagerly inquired.  "Where can we get more?!"

     Long story short, remembering a prayer less than a week earlier for a way to supplement our income from home, we decided right then and there to sell it, and The Happy Baker was born!


     Orders started pouring in from our neighbor's colleagues, and then we had a flash of brilliance:  What if we sold our delicious Banana Bread at a popular open-air market here in Tampa?  What if we added chocolate chips?! 

     We currently sell our Banana Bread in five yummy flavors every Saturday from 9-3 (9-1 from May to September) at the Ybor City Saturday Market at the corner of 8th Avenue and 19th Street in historic Ybor City.  

     We bake some of our loaves on site and customers just can't resist the mouth-watering aroma of those sweet, yummy loaves wafting over the Market.

     Come see and smell for yourself.  Try a free sample of our Classic Coconut, Chocolate Chuckle Chip, Go Bananas, Blueberry Bliss, or Crazy for Cranberry.  Or try all five!  You won't be disappointed.

     And why not join Happy Baker Nation?  Citizenship is free, and you'll receive coupons, enter contests and earn BakerBucks™ toward your purchases.  Citizenship has its privileges.

Championing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Banana Bread,

The Happy Baker

You'll go BANANAS for our Banana Bread!!!




  • "I go to Ybor every Saturday and always buy a mini-loaf. They are all delicious."
  • "I was recently at the Duckweed Urban Market in downtown Tampa and came across a basket full of "the happy baker" blueberry bliss muffins, I love to support local businesses and ..."
    quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten
  • "Just wanted to say thanks once more for the delicious pumpkin bread! A trip to Tampa wouldn't be the same without it!
    Love the pumpkin bread!