The Happy Baker

You'll go BANANAS for our Banana Bread!!!


The Mini Sampler


Great for care packages, our Mini Sampler offers you variety --- or not.  Choose from our seven delicious flavors or stock up on a favorite.  Either way, this little bundle of joy will have you wrapped around its little loaf pans in no time!

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  • "I go to Ybor every Saturday and always buy a mini-loaf. They are all delicious."
  • "I was recently at the Duckweed Urban Market in downtown Tampa and came across a basket full of "the happy baker" blueberry bliss muffins, I love to support local businesses and ..."
    quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten
  • "Just wanted to say thanks once more for the delicious pumpkin bread! A trip to Tampa wouldn't be the same without it!
    Love the pumpkin bread!